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The 5 Best Oracle Cards For Love Readings

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Using tarot and oracle cards for love advice is a common practice. According to the New York Post, a Newsweek study found that young adults are more likely to turn to metaphysical practices, rather than religion, when it comes to asking questions about life.

Why do people use tarot and oracle cards for guidance? In an article on Business Insider, professional tarot card reader Patti Woods sums it up perfectly. “Tarot readings have always been popular because people have a need for something less clinical (and cheaper) than therapy, and more objective than just talking to friends. A tarot reading offers a safe space for clients to explore their thoughts and feelings and hopefully gain a little insight.”

Insight is exactly what tarot and oracle cards offer. When I conduct my readings, I find that using multiple decks often gives the best clarification on a situation. I often use two Rider-Waite tarot decks – one to reveal the underlying energies; the second to shed light on these energies. To further clarify the reading, I will use another two or three oracle decks to reveal underlying messages.

I’ve listed five decks that I believe are the best love oracle cards to support a love or twin flame reading. I use the first three decks in my own readings; whilst the other two are ones I’ve seen in YouTube readings.


Whispers Of The Heart Tarot Cards (Printable) by Cassandra Chew

Whispers Of The Heart Tarot is my first tarot deck creation. It is based on the Rider-Waite Tarot and features 78 channelled messages, each relating to its corresponding Rider-Waite card. I created this deck especially for love and twin flame readings. You can purchase and download these cards from my Etsy store. I had my own deck printed on 300GSM cardstock and trimmed (as seen in the photo).


Love Oracle Cards by Island Time Wellness

These cards are so fun to read with! They are great for those 'what's happening in the situation?' type questions. Each card has several keywords that describe and clarify the energies surrounding a person or situation. With cards like, 'Girl With a Snake', 'The Phoenix', and 'Heart With a Key', this 54-card deck makes love readings a breeze.


The Romance Angels by Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue's 'The Romance Angels' is a classic and beloved oracle deck for love readings. The cards are now out of print since the author has converted to Christianity. Most of the ones floating around the internet are most likely cheap replicas of the original – but still a great addition to any reader’s collection. This oracle deck contains 44 cards, each with a possible love scenario or prediction.


Lovers Oracle: Heart Shaped Guidance Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Whilst I haven’t used these cards personally, I’ve seen a couple of YouTube readers use them and they seem to go really well with love readings. The illustrations are gorgeous and very ethereal. The deck features 45 guidance heart-shaped cards, each with a message of wisdom for any love situation.


Our Eternal Love by Soul Whispers Tarot

Karen Burness is a talented psychic medium who has been doing readings for over two decades. I first discovered her readings on her YouTube channel, Soul Whispers Tarot. I’ve added her deck ‘Our Eternal Love’ to this list, as I think they feature really great messages for love and twin flame readings. You can check out her love message cards in her readings on YouTube.



Want to learn more about how to do love readings? Check out these ebooks on Kindle:

✨ Love Tarot for Beginners: Romantic Interpretations for Every Card in the Tarot Deck (Divination, Romantic Tarot, Relationship Tarot) by Jhone Daniels

✨ Tarot in Love: Consulting the Cards in Matters of the Heart by Elliot Adam

✨ Love Tarot Made Easy: A Reference Guide for Tarot Readings on Love by Stella Nerrit


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