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Rose Quartz Meaning And Healing Properties

Rose Quartz Meaning And Healing Properties | Sun Moon Tribe

Chakras: 4th Chakra – Heart

Found in: Brazil, South Africa, India, Madagascar, Africa and Sri Lanka

Mineral family: Quartz

Colour range: Ranges from white/very light pink to a deep rose-pink colour

Great for: Unconditional love, heart healing, calming stress, promoting compassion

Pillow talk: If you are single, rumour has it that keeping a small piece of Rose Quartz under your pillow while you sleep can help attract the perfect partner into your life. It also opens up your heart to self-trust and restores any broken faith in love.


Rose Quartz is THE crystal for all things to do with love. Whether that is self-love, friendship love, family love or romantic love, Rose Quartz emits a calming sense of peace and reassurance to the beholder. Like a warm, comforting hug from a dearly beloved – deep inner wounds can be resolved through the strong unconditional love energies residing in this crystal.

As Rose Quartz is strongly connected to the heart chakra, expect a deep heart awakening if you meditate with Rose Quartz daily. The motherly-love qualities of Rose Quartz helps to nurture and tend to painful or broken hearts – releasing stress, expectations and resentful energies; reassuring you that everything will be okay.

Instead of looking for love, let love come to you. Rose Quartz gives you the self-confidence to love yourself first, which then attracts the love that you deserve. A harmonious heart is irresistible to true love and Rose Quartz is there to remind you to let go of expectations and to accept yourself wholeheartedly.

Cassandra Chew

Cassandra Chew is the founder and content curator of Sun Moon Tribe. She has a keen interest in spirituality, metaphysics, sustainability and plant-based living. Being a small business owner herself, she is passionate about supporting and sharing the work of other local businesses. Along with running this journal, she pursues her creative interests through her design business and is an avid coffee enthusiast.

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