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Pisces Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits And How To Spot A Pisces

Pisces Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits And How To Spot A Pisces

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Dates: February 19 – March 20

Symbolised by: The Fishes

Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Ruling planets: Jupiter and Neptune

Ruling house: Twelfth House – The unconscious realm

Tarot card: The Moon

Birthstone and crystals: Aquamarine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Turquoise

Colour: Aquamarine, Light Blue, Grey, Seafoam Green, Indigo

Essential oils: Sweet Orange, Mandarin, Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood (Shop Pisces essential oils)

Positive traits: Compassionate, Creative, Intuitive, Generous, Selfless

Negative traits: Moody, Pessimistic, Secretive, Lazy, Escapist

Fun fact: Pisceans are natural-born healers and most of them gravitate towards a medical or cultural profession




Ah, the dreamers of the zodiac – if Pisceans could live in an alternate fairytale world, they would gladly jump at that chance. Having a reputation for being the most idealistic sign of the zodiac, Pisceans have a vivid imagination and boundless creativity. These soft souls are also one of the most empathetic and generous people you will ever meet. Selfless by nature and always ready to offer their help to those in need, Pisceans are highly intuitive and can easily adapt to various situations.

Despite their dreamy nature, Pisceans are hard-workers and put all their time, heart and soul into achieving their dreams. Success is always theirs for the taking, and they usually make good decisions, as their intuition will always guide them in the right direction. Their endless discipline and dedication to their passions will almost always lead them to having a career of their dreams. The genuinely sincere and compassionate nature of Pisceans makes them highly respected people in their communities; and they often leave a lasting good impression on their peers.

Some may say Pisceans look at life through rose-coloured glasses; often seeing things not as they are, but instead, in a highly romanticised way. Whilst there is nothing wrong with wanting to see a nicer side of life, Pisceans need to be careful not to become disillusioned with their fantasies. An unhappy Pisces will turn to escapism and may find themselves lost in a sad place of despair between reality and fantasy. Being such empathetic souls, they are highly sensitive to the energies around them, and should be mindful of the company they keep.

Just like their watery counterparts, Cancer and Scorpio, Pisceans are prone to wild and sometimes explosive mood swings. Their sensitive nature can make it hard for people to tell them the truth, in fear of hurting their feelings. At the worst of times, Pisceans can become secretive or even tell lies, so that they don’t get blamed for anything. Pisceans are not very good at setting boundaries or taking criticism and if they find that their ego has been hurt, they may become insecure and avoid taking any kind of positive action. Some may even try to numb their feelings through addictive behaviours.


Spotting a Pisces

How to spot the Pisces woman:

Gentle and feminine, the Pisces woman may first appear delicate and vulnerable. But don’t be fooled, she harbours an immense intellectual and creative mind inside, and can take on the world if she wishes. She’s not usually outspoken, and instead, will work diligently behind the scenes building her dream life. A natural humanitarian, the Pisces woman has a heart of gold and can often be seen spreading kindness through the community. She may be regularly involved in charity work, offering pro bono services and volunteering her spare time to help not-for-profit causes and organisations.

How to spot the Pisces man:

The Pisces man can be likened to a romantic purist. He is highly empathic and a great listener. He won’t dismiss your emotions and will gladly sit and listen to your heartfelt issues. Don’t expect him to take the lead though. Instead, he just wants everyone to be happy and doesn’t mind going with the flow. Laid-back and easygoing, the Pisces man welcomes spontaneity and adventure. Sometimes he can be a little too laid-back and ends up with the reputation of being lazy. The Pisces man thinks with his heart and not his head, so he may become emotionally influenced by everything. This can manifest into mood swings and his thoughts may end up trapping him in the past.

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