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Moon Reading Review: I Got Myself An Ultimate Astrology Reading

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You may have seen the hype on social media surrounding – an Astrology Reading software that’s trending on TikTok and Instagram. Basically, what it does is give you a personalised moon reading. Curiously, I went onto the Moon Reading website to check it out.

I thought it sounded kind of cool and decided to look online for some reviews. Unfortunately, all I could find were reviews that only talked about what a moon reading was and the pros and cons of a moon reading. None of them really addressed a user-experience with Moon Reading. The public forums weren’t much help either and just filled with irrelevant comments. 

So, I decided to test it out for myself and share my personal experience with you. I’m not going to focus on what Moon Reading offers, as you can check it out on the website yourself. Instead, I’m going to write about my own personal experience trying out Moon Reading.


Firstly, what is Moon Reading?

From my own understanding, a moon reading is similar to a birth or natal chart reading. It states on the website that, “When you request a moon reading, our advanced software generates a 3D model of the solar system on the day you were born, and calculates the transits and aspects of the moon and planets. We take this data and combine it with our comprehensive library of astrological information to create a personalized Moon Reading, totally unique to you!”

Who are the creators of Moon Reading?

My detective skills were put to use as I did some online research into the founders of Moon Reading. I found them to be two best friends, Jeremy David and Brad Lundahl. (There’s an image of them on the website). They also run a personalised manifestation meditation system called ThoughtOpera and you can read more about who they are here. I also stumbled across a few random web articles and professional profiles that verified who they were, in case you were wondering. Brad also has his email listed on the Moon Reading website for customer support.

Screenshot of a welcome message from Jeremy David

My experience with Moon Reading

After finding out more about the founders and what they do, I hopped onto the Moon Reading website and plugged in my details. It will prompt you to enter three bits of information: (1) Your astrological sign; (2) your birthday and time; and finally; (3) your birth location. This is pretty standard information for any kind of astrology-related reading. Then you are asked to submit your first name and email address. I went ahead and entered my details.

The next screen that appeared was an audio recording of my moon reading and I was able to start listening to it straight away. I pressed play and let the audio run. I’ll be honest here – I have a short attention span and the reading was so detailed that I tuned out in some parts. There was no option to fast-forward, so I just let it play as background sound. 

Screenshot of my astrological sign characteristics during the free video

Since I already know my personality characteristics from previous birth chart readings, the information relayed to me in the audio sounded quite accurate to what I already know. The reading goes in-depth to explain my astrological sign, my moon sign and even what moon phase I was born under. The reading eventually ends and tells me if I would like to know more, I have the option to purchase a full Astrology Reading. By this time, it was late at night, so I closed my browser and went to bed.

Screenshot of the moon phase I was born under during the free video

Over the next few days, I received emails from Moon Reading that included a free copy of my moon reading that I could listen to over and over again, a free meditation video, and some other digital freebies. I clicked through each one to see what content it provided.

So, what’s the catch with this?

From what I can tell, the moon reading audio is free – so, if you’re just curious to know about your moon reading, this program does offer quite a detailed free reading. But it’s not the FULL reading. To get the full reading, you have to purchase a PDF report. 

I have no issues with supporting the work of people who place their time and energy into creating these kinds of programs. If you like astrology and believe you will benefit from a full astrology reading, this might be a great product for you.

My Ultimate Astrology Reading Review

First of all, I had zero expectations for this report – mainly because I didn’t read all the copy that was on the website (I put it in the TLDR (too long, didn’t read) bucket). All I knew was that I was purchasing a personalised Ultimate Astrology Reading. After purchasing the reading, I was immediately emailed a receipt and a link to sign into a members area to retrieve my report. The email confirms that this is a one-time purchase with no monthly subscription fee. Very good to have that confirmed in writing.

To my surprise, the reading was actually a comprehensive 50-page report on everything including my astrological profile, planets, sun, moon, moon phase and advice. I have to admit, I was quite impressed with the PDF. It even addresses you by your name. Just so you know, I am not an astrologist by any means. I'm more of a hobbyist. Thankfully, the report is well-written and easy for people like me to understand and doesn't use too many fancy cosmic jargons.

Screenshot of my personalised Ultimate Astrology Reading

Some of the information included in the reading:

  • Your astrological profile
  • Your inner planets
  • Your element
  • Your mode
  • Your purpose
  • Your moon phase
  • Your ascendant sign
  • Career & job opportunities
  • Love & relationships
  • Your outer planets
  • What the stars say about your future

Screenshot of the table of contents in the Ultimate Astrology Reading

Review outcome: Is it worth buying an Ultimate Astrology Reading?

In true Libra fashion, I have two answers for this question. 

(1) I would say yes, if you are an amateur astrology enthusiast and would like to know more about your birth chart and how the planets, stars, and other cosmic stuff affects your personality. It’s no doubt a fun and interesting read and provides quite accurate explanations. I think it'd also make a fun little gift for those friends who are on the fence about astrology.

(2) If you are already well-versed in astrology, or know how to read natal charts, then my answer would be, no. You'll probably already know everything about your own birth chart anyway and this would just be repeating that same information. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have no interest in astrology or metaphysics at all, then you probably won't find this amusing or worthwhile.

If you decide that you want to check out Moon Reading, you can head to their website here.


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