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Create A Free Synastry Chart: Understand Compatibility Between Two People

Create a Free Synastry Chart: Understand Compatibility Between Two People

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Do you ever wish there was a somewhat-easy way to understand your partner more?

Or perhaps have some sort of guide to let you know how your relationship is going and why there are some aspects where you and your partner just can't see eye-to-eye?

Well, you've come to the right place!

If you're like me, and curious about how astrology affects relationships, a synastry chart is the perfect way to see what happens when two natal birth charts collide. This information can sometimes provide mind-blowing insights and make you say, "Ah, no wonder they are the way they are."

In a nutshell, astrology is simultaneously both complex and simple. It appears complex when you don't really have an in-depth knowledge of anything to do with celestial systems and how they work. For an amateur like myself, I rather leave the interpreting to professional astrologists when it comes to matters of the celestial type.

Create your free Synastry Chart with Astro-Charts

Curious to know what the compatibility between you and another person is?

Our friends at Astro-Charts have kindly created this free Astrology Synastry Chart Calculator below. You can calculate your chart for free and if you're not too familiar with interpreting birth natal charts, Astro-Charts provides an option to purchase a full personalised report to help you understand your relationship's unique voice (it's delivered to your inbox within 10 minutes and way cheaper than a couples therapy session!)


To create your free synastry chart

Enter two names, places of birth (or nearest city), and dates of birth below. Entering a birth time is optional, but including it will provide a more accurate birth chart. When a time isn't provided, the time defaults to noon.

What is a Synastry Chart?

Firstly, the definition of 'Synastry' is 'Comparison between the horoscopes of two or more people in order to determine their likely compatibility and relationship.' (Lexico)

A synastry chart is essentially overlaying two individual’s birth charts and examining the aspects between the two charts. A synastry chart can provide valuable information about the strength of a relationship based on the planetary aspects of two people.

You may be familiar with zodiac sun sign compatibility but that is merely just the tip of the iceberg. Since every relationship is unique, understanding natal birth charts can help create a more tailored blueprint for your own relationship.

Whilst it isn't an exact prediction of whether a relationship will succeed or not (and bear in mind that there can be a million other factors that determine how a person is), a synastry chart works as a map that gives you an overview of your relationship's landscape based on your birth dates.

Synastry Chart by Astro-Charts

Why use a synastry chart?

Synastry charts are helpful for understanding the energetic and astrological happenings between two people. Once you understand the birth characteristics of each person, it makes it much easier to work through any issues arising in the relationship. For example, perhaps you feel like your partner isn't great at communicating. You may discover in the synastry chart that they actually struggle in the house of communication. Having this understanding may prevent arguments and allow you to work through this issue in a positive way, such as finding ways to encourage your partner to overcome their struggle with communication.

The difference between a natal birth chart and a Synastry Chart

A natal birth chart is like a snapshot map of the position of the planets and cosmos at the time you were born.

Therefore, a synastry chart is when you compare two natal birth charts next to each other.


More information about the report

You'll receive an invaluable 20+ page digital PDF file tailored to your relationship that details virtually EVERYTHING you need to know about your relationship's blueprint. If you don't have time to do the astro calculations yourself and prefer to just have the information delivered to you in a readable format, this report does exactly that.

+ It's the perfect guide to understanding your relationship’s shared planetary aspects and uncovers its strengths and growth areas.

+ Your personalised synastry chart report is sent to your email within 10 minutes of ordering.

+ Over 20 pages of detailed analysis and interpretations guided by an evolutionary perspective of astrology.

+ Accurate data from planetary databases created by NASA.

+ Over 17 different chart patterns are analysed in your chart. Some common chart patterns include: Yod, t-square, stellium, rectangle, grand-cross, grand trine, castle, Star of David, and many more.

+ If you have any issues with the report, Astro-Charts is easily contactable via email at admin[at]

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