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Carnelian Meaning And Healing Properties

Carnelian Meaning And Healing Properties | Sun Moon Tribe

Chakra: 2nd Chakra – Sacral

Found in: Brazil, India, Uruguay and USA

Mineral family: Chalcedony

Colour range: Translucent solid red to orange but can exhibit patches of light and dark areas and is sometimes banded 

Great for: Confidence, creativity, self-esteem, vitality, empowerment, courage, physical energy, grounding, motivation, determination, ambition, dispelling negative emotions

Boring love life? Carnelian is believed to stimulate those inner animalistic desires and reinvigorate relationships that have gone stale


If your motivation levels are flatter than a punctured tyre, the next crystal you need to add to your collection is Carnelian.

This bright and vibrant stone has vibes so high that you can’t help but feel inspired to evoke your creativity and reach your best potential. 

It will boost your confidence and remind you of how amazing you really are. Bring Carnelian with you to job interviews and allow your light to shine.

If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, Carnelian is an aphrodisiac in crystal form, which will help enhance passion and sexual energy.

Cassandra Chew

Cassandra Chew is the founder and content curator of Sun Moon Tribe. She has a keen interest in spirituality, metaphysics, sustainability and plant-based living. Being a small business owner herself, she is passionate about supporting and sharing the work of other local businesses. Along with running this journal, she pursues her creative interests through her design business and is an avid coffee enthusiast.

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