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Cancer Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits And How To Spot A Cancer

Cancer Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits And How To Spot A Cancer

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Dates: June 21 – July 22

Symbolised by: The Crab

Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling planet: The Moon

Ruling house: Fourth House (Home and family – emotional roots and domestic matters)

Tarot card: The Chariot

Birthstone and crystals: Ruby, Emerald, Moonstone, Pearl

Colour: Indigo, White, Grey, Silver, Cream

Essential oils: Peppermint, Chamomile, Lavender, Patchouli (Shop Cancer essential oils)

Positive traits: Compassionate, caring, intuitive, creative, loyal

Negative traits: Moodiness, clinginess, unpredictability, resentful, pessimistic

Fun fact: Nothing scares a Cancerian more than change; they like to be in control and tend to have a fear of the unknown




As the first water sign of the zodiac, Cancerians can be as moody and unpredictable as the ocean itself. Don’t be surprised if they’re in a good mood one day but distant and cold the next. Ruled by the Moon, they are the most sensitive of all the signs and fiercely protective of themselves and their home. 

Whilst they may at first appear to be enigmatic and defensive, once they trust you and let their guard down, you’ll find the most caring, compassionate and loving person underneath that protective shell. Anyone with a Cancerian in their life should consider themselves lucky, as Cancerians are one of the most dependable and loyal signs of the zodiac.

The sign of Cancer rules the Fourth House of home, family and relationships. Hence, stability and security in their home life is of the utmost importance and any unexpected changes can cause a ton of emotional distress. Cancerians need to feel nurtured and protected by their loved ones in order to feel safe; returning the favour to all those that they hold close and dear to their heart.


Spotting a Cancer

How to spot the Cancer woman:

The Cancer woman is ruled by intuition and deep feelings. She can appear magical, mysterious and captivating, much like the Moon. Cancer women may come across as stand-offish and reserved at first but, over time, her fun-loving, caring and affectionate nature will shine through. Elegant, feminine and refined (think Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly), you’ll often find Cancerian women wearing timeless, well-designed clothing that enhances the body. Not one to follow trends, Cancer women tend to have a good eye for personal style and know exactly how to dress to impress.

How to spot the Cancer man:

Flirtatious and charming, Cancer men can first appear aloof but once their defences are down, their tender and romantic sides will show through. Usually well-dressed and groomed like a gentleman, Cancer men are open-minded, deep-thinkers and intellectual; you’ll often discover that they are great at holding conversations. If you find yourself attracted to a Cancer male at a party, it’s best to get in line – chances are you’re not the only admirer vying for his attention.

Cancer Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits And How To Spot A Cancer | Sun Moon Tribe
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