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Best Places To Buy Indie Tarot Decks Online In Australia

Mystic Mondays Tarot Card
Tarot deck used in image - Mystic Mondays Tarot by Grace Duong

Being a Libra Sun, I am a huge fan of visual arts and I believe collecting card decks is similar to collecting art. I love opening up a pack of cards and admiring the intricate artwork and detail on each one.

Ever since tarot began in the 15th century, there has been thousands of different decks created, each with their own beautiful and artistic designs and meanings. The Tarot Museum in Belgium houses a collection of over 2,500 decks alone and that's only a small handful of what's circulating today!

If you’re a fan of contemporary tarot designs, there are a number of interesting artist-published decks floating around that are uncommon and exclusive. Most of the time, you can purchase them online and straight from the creator themselves. Unfortunately, for those of us living in Australia, a lot of indie creators are located overseas and sometimes it can take a while for the cards to get to us.

Although indie decks can be hard to source locally, it’s not impossible. There are a handful of retailers (both online and in-store) who stock rare and one-of-a-kind tarot and oracle decks. Here is a list of some local Australian stores who offer indie tarot and oracle cards.


Two Sides Tarot (NSW)

Located in Sydney, online retailer Two Sides Tarot has a neat curated selection of unique and modern independent artist-published tarot and oracle decks. There are some fantastic quirky decks here that you probably won’t be able to find in most local metaphysical stores.

Altar (NSW)

Another Sydney-based online business, Altar is a modern metaphysical supplies store specialising in aesthetically pleasing and design-driven ritual and spiritual wares. There is a great range of creative indie tarot and oracle decks consisting of different themes and an option to pre-order new to-be-released titles.

Tarotopia (QLD)

As the name implies, Tarotopia, located in Strathpine, is a haven for tarot and oracle decks. Along with a large selection of well-loved decks, Tarotopia also has a huge collection of interesting and unique titles. If you love collecting card decks, definitely give the Tarotopia website a browse.

Enchanted Gypsy (QLD)

Enchanted Gypsy in Brisbane is an online retailer specialising in one-of-a kind vintage and contemporary tarot and oracle cards. With a selection of unique titles from both international and local creators, there’s a chance you’ll find something here that you won’t find in any other local stores.

The Empress and Wolf (VIC)

The Empress and Wolf in Daylesford houses an impressive collection of over 150 rare and unique tarot and oracle card decks. With themes ranging from animals to pop culture, you’re sure to find a few cool decks to add to your collection.

Mystiko House (VIC)

If you’re looking for indie tarot cards of the cute and quirky type, online-based Mystiko House in Melbourne has a selection of fun and colourful decks that are sure to brighten up your readings. They also have a lovely range of stationery and candles to dress up your sacred space.

Kickstarter (Global)

Did you know that Kickstarter is a great place to get your hands on brand new tarot decks straight from the creator? Artists and creators list their projects onto the Kickstarter platform and you can pledge any amount to fund their project, with options to receive the finished product if it reaches its target.

Look Dollicious (Singapore/UK)

Okay, so the online store Look Dollicious isn’t based in Australia but it’s such a dang cute shop that I had to add it to this list! Based in Singapore and UK, Look Dollicious carries a great selection of ethereal and feminine indie tarot and oracle cards. There’s a lot of shimmer, pretty illustrations and cosmic goodness. Love.

Cassandra Chew

Cassandra Chew is the founder and content curator of Sun Moon Tribe. She has a keen interest in spirituality, metaphysics, sustainability and plant-based living. Being a small business owner herself, she is passionate about supporting and sharing the work of other local businesses. Along with running this journal, she pursues her creative interests through her design business and is an avid coffee enthusiast.

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