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Welcome dreamers, bohemians, mystics, free spirits and spiritually awakened

Sun Moon Tribe is an online journal that seeks to promote and support the growing Australian bohemian and metaphysical lifestyle community.

Our ethos is to foster a community of open-minded individuals and businesses who live through kindness, gratitude, acceptance and respect for people, animals and the environment. Founded in 2021, Sun Moon Tribe's mission is to discover local businesses and brands that share the same ethos and connect them with like-minded readers.

Come join us on this journey. x


Cass is the founder and content creator of Sun Moon Tribe and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

Cass' personal journey into metaphysics began at a young age – possibly around the age of 10. She has always been curious about mysterious things and use to save up pocket money to buy each issue of the Hachette’s Learn & Understand Astrology magazine at the local newsagency.

With a life path number of 5 and having Libra in her Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury, she is naturally drawn to living a creative and free spirit life. Being a clairsentient and clairaudient, Cass dabbles in intuitive tarot readings, which assists her with her own spiritual growth.

Sun Moon Tribe is Cass' passion project and all the topics covered in this journal play a big part in her life. She's always on the lookout to discover and share her favourite brands, products and businesses.

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